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Vision & Mission

[A] The vision of the Mahavidyalay is:

a. to propagate the Sarvodaya Ideology in the society

b. to provide value based quality education with efficiency

c. to direct humble efforts towards socio-economic and socio-cultural welfare of the society through enrichment of human resources


[B] The mission of the Mahavidyalay is:

a. to prepare dedicated, skilled and highly qualified human being with a strong moral character to satisfy the need of the society

b. to prepare sensitive and committed citizens

c. to promote balanced and scientific thinking and research insight among our students

d. to prepare futuristic personnel who can be ambassadors of social change, ensuring a globally relevant education based on eternal human values

e. to create opportunities for education and development at grass root level

f. to arrange education, research and extension programme in agriculture, animal husbandry and rural technology

g. To build a human chain who can lead the world towards environment protection, global brotherhood for social development.


[C] The vision and mission of Mahavidyalay are communicated to the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders through :

§ curriculum, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

§ publishing in our regular brochure and admission booklet.

§ displaying in prayer hall and in library hall.

§ code of conduct of our employees.

§ daily newspapers by way of advertisements.

§ correspondence.

§ NSS camps, Gram Shibir, tour-picnic, cultural programmes.

§ Visiting farmers and organizing orientation camps for farmers.

§ It being a residential institute, teachers and students live on campus. They take part in cleaning campus, help in agricultural work, construction work, kitchen work, programmes, and preparation and arrangement work, etc.

§ Our vision, mission, and objectives are printed in our reports brought out at several intervals and annually, too.



At-Po : Zilia Ta : Chanasma
Dist : Patan, Gujarat INDIA
Contact - (02734) 288347


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